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During Camp we will take you through a 7-tier benchmarking strategy, where you will be scored on 18 questions based on your current strategy. We will then benchmark your score to fiduciary standards and show you how you compare. Dig into the Knowledge Camp brochure.

PBM Consulting

We'll help you decide what the best organization is for you. 

Prescription Drug Savings Card

★  No activation required

★  No enrollment fees

★  All cards automatically active

★  Unlimited uses

★  Never expires

★  Works for pet medications

★  No personal information necessary

★  No enrollment required

★  Share card or print for the family   

Pharmacy Benefits Management

A low, flat per claim or PMPM fee is all we collect; cutting costs up to 20%.

Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist

We'll teach people in your company how to accurately determine the cost of your PBM services. 





In order to improve on the job execution and career growth, benefits consultants, finance managers, procurement and HR professionals must expand their PBM knowledge beyond a functional role and understand exactly how each domain works together within the pharmacy distribution and reimbursement system. The best answer, become a better steward of PBM services and costs by earning the Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist (CPBS™) designation.