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Tyrone D. Squires

 Presenter Information

Date:  Monthly, every 2nd Tuesday

Start Time (EST):  2 PM

Duration:  15 - 30 minutes per session 

Host(s):  Tyrone D. Squires


​​​​​​Webinar Description:

If you work in HR, finance or employee benefits industries this webinar is for you. Join us every 2nd Tuesday of the month for our webinar as we discuss key PBM insights and trends such as:

 US Pharmacy Distribution & Reimbursement System 
 PBM Business Models 
 Basics of PBM Pricing 
 Hidden PBM Cash Flows 
 PBM Contracts 
 Strategic Sourcing Decisions 
 Reference Pricing 
 Costs by Site of Service 
 Specialty Pharmacy Management 
 Cost Containment Strategies 
 Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Networks

 Analytics and Reporting 

Pick a session and learn what's on the horizon for this dynamic market. The real benefit to you is that you will learn, in a relatively short amount of time, how to effectively control pharmacy benefit service costs.  

Tyrone -

P.S.  Yes, it's recorded.  I know you're busy ... so register now and GoToWebinar will send you the link to the session recording as soon as it's ready.